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What is a Home Energy Rating?
What is an Energy Efficient Mortgage?

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Home Energy Ratings

A home energy rating can provide a standardized measure of a homes energy efficiency and expected energy costs.

Ratings in Illinois can only be conducted by state-certified Home Energy Raters using a set of nationally accredited analysis procedures and REM/Rate software tools.

A home energy rating can qualify a home owner or home buyer for an energy efficient mortgage (EEM) or an energy improvement mortgage (EIM).

The Main Rating Process Steps:

Why should you be interested in home energy ratings and energy mortgages?

Energy efficiency has become a critical issue for affordable housing. The cost of heating and cooling a home is the highest cost of owning a home outside the mortgage loan.

It is possible to reduce a homes energy use by a third using cost effective and readily available technologies and building practices.

Home energy ratings and energy efficient mortgages provide opportunity to increase home ownership while fostering housing that is more comfortable, of higher quality and more affordable to own.

Conserving our resources and using energy efficient technologies will also help protect the environment!

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