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A home energy rating is similar to fuel efficiency (miles per gallon) standards for cars. It lets you know how efficiently your home uses energy.

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Did you know that the typical Illinois household spends nearly $2450 each year on their utility bills? Unfortunately a large portion of the energy purchased as electricity, natural gas, and propane is wasted due to inefficient windows, inadqequate insulation, unsealed air ducts, or leaky building shells.

The Illinois Association of Energy Raters is a newly-created group of energy consultants and building technicians specializing in identifying cost-effective residential upgrades for new and existing homes that can save homeowners money on their utility bills.

The members of the Illinois Association of Energy Raters use a whole house approach to examine the ways that a home consumes energy and the ways that the building systems in the home interact. All members have are certified within the national energy raters organization, RESNET.

A home energy rating by an association member can be used to certify that a home is an ENERGY STAR Home.

Homes that rate as energy efficient are eligible to apply for Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) which allow a purchaser to stretch their debt-to income ratio and qualify for a larger mortgage.

Since an efficient home will require less for utilities more money is available for mortgage payments. An energy improvement mortgage (EIM) allows owners of existing homes to include the cost of energy improvements in the mortgage. Either way the homeowners will keep more of their money and be more comfortable.

The IAER is an ENERGY STAR Partner

The ENERGY STAR Homes Program is part of a family of ENERGY STAR Programs designed to prevent pollution and save homeowners' money.

ENERGY STAR Homes are designed to use at least 30% less energy than standard construction.

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